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Salvation Cartridge Needles - 20 pcs
1 Round Liner 0.35mm LT3 Round Liner 0.35mm LT5 Round Liner 0.35mm LT7 Round Liner 0.35mm LT9 Round Liner 0.35mm LT11 Round Liner 0.35mm LT14 Round Liner 0.35mm LT18 Round Liner 0.35mm LT5 Round Shader 0.35mm LT7 Round Shader 0.35mm LT9 Round Shader 0.35mm LT11 Round Shader 0.35mm LT14 Round Shader 0.35mm LT18 Round Shader 0.35mm LT5 Magnum 0.35mm LT7 Magnum 0.35mm LT9 Magnum 0.35mm LT11 Magnum 0.35mm LT13 Magnum 0.35mm LT15 Magnum 0.35mm LT17 Magnum 0.35mm LT23 Magnum 0.35mm LT5 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT7 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT9 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT11 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT13 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT15 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT17 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT23 Curved Mag 0.35mm LT
FK Irons EXO Tattoo Machine with RCA Connection - Black Ops
Stroke 3.2mmStroke 4.0mm
Tat-Derm Roll -Derm Shield Tattoo Aftercare Bandages
6" x 8 Yard10" x 8 Yard
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