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Salvation Assorted Magnum Shader Cartridge Needles - Box of 20pcs

Salvation Assorted Magnum Shader Cartridge Needles - Box of 20pcs

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SALVATION Assorted Disposable Tattoo Cartridge Needles Semi Tinted For Professional Tattoo Artist 


Available: Assorted All Size in Magnum Shaders (7M1,9M1,13M1,15M1) 5 of Each Size.

Compatible : Cheyenne Hawk & Universal

Available in quantities of 20 pcs per box, the Salvation Cartridge Tattoo needles are designed for performance by preventing the needle from bending during the procedure. Made with premium grade stainless steel they promote a better ink flow while tattooing. Those Salvation round liner professional tattoo needles are disposable, sterilized and marked with the expiration date to ensure a safe procedure.



  • READY TO USE - Pre-made Tattooing Cartridge needles 
  • STERILE & ON THE BAR - Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization proof strip included as seen on pictures
  • OPTIMAL RESULTS - designed to create straight and clean lines
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - individually Blistered packed, burr free & sharp
  • TIP - Made from Highest plastic To ensure each tip is safe and un-breakable Semi Tinted

Quantity: 20pcs