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Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge Needles — Box of 20

Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge Needles — Box of 20

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One Box of 20 Nano Membrane Cartridge PMU Tattoo Needles by Vertix — Liners, Shaders, and Magnums

High expectations for your cartridge needles? Vertix Cartridge Needles are specially designed to satisfy your demands. Featuring a sleek white design, these cartridges are optimized to reduce common tattooing mishaps.

Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge needle tips are perfect for discerning PMU artists. These robust cartridges are transparent and detachable, allowing you to see your ink flow and make small adjustments while tattooing. These tips also feature an elongated profile, which enhances your field of vision. Additionally, the hummingbird tip reduces flex for fine lining procedures. The cartridge shell is optimally designed with two side vents, which minimizes your risk of ink spraying or redirecting. These cartridges also feature a low-tension diaphragm, which reduces stress on your motor and prevents the backflow of ink.

Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge Needles are disposable for safety and intended for single use only. This listing is for one box of 20 Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge Needles, which come in a variety of nano sizes, including Liner, Shader, Tight Round Liner, and Curved Magnum for fine lining and shading procedures. The 1 Liner (Acupuncture, 0.20mm configuration) comes with a patent sticker.

Cartridge Type Diameter Grouping
Nano Liner 0.20mm
1 (Acupuncture) up to 5
Nano Shader Medium 3 up to 7
Nano Tight Round Liner 0.20mm
Nano Curved Magnum - 3 up to 5


  • Transparent needle tips show ink flow
  • Elongated needle tip profile enhances field of view
  • Needle tips are detachable for small adjustments
  • Shell design features two side vents; minimizes risk of spraying and ink redirecting
  • Low tension diaphragm reduces motor stress and prevents backflow of ink
  • EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized
  • Disposable; for single use only
  • Officially licensed and CE-certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Price per one box of 20