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Tat-Derm Roll -Derm Shield Tattoo Aftercare Bandages
Tat-Derm Roll -Derm Shield Tattoo Aftercare Bandages

Tat-Derm Roll -Derm Shield Tattoo Aftercare Bandages

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Tat-Derm - Tattoo Aftercare Film 

Tat-Derm was designed to provide a clear, breathable bacterial barrier for new tattoos.

It protects the new tattoo from injury while providing comfort for the wearer.

Tat-Derm is waterproof and will protect your tattoo while swimming or showering.

It will also protect your clothes and bed sheets from stains.

Around a shoulder, ankle, elbow or any other joint, apply a Tat-Derm overlap of at least two inches above and below the joint to cover enough skin to allow for natural movement.

The ease of use by artists and low cost for consumers makes Tat-Derm the perfect tattoo aftercare item.


  • Available Roll Size: 6” x 8 yard or 10" x 8 Yard
  • For use after tattoo procedures
  • Transparent matte film adhesive bandage; latex-free
  • Waterproof and permeable for breathability

Directions for Application:
Gently clean and pat dry the tattoo and surrounding area, ensuring there is no soap or any residue on the skin. With clean gloves, remove Derm Shield from the sterile pouch. Cut the Derm Shield to cover tattooed area plus a 1 to 2 inch margin from the edge of the tattoo. Peel off backing to expose adhesive side and position the Derm Shield over the tattoo with the adhesive side facing the skin. Gently apply using light pressure, starting from the center to the edges to eliminate air bubbles. Do not stretch the Derm Shield during application.

The first Derm Shield application should stay in place for 24 hours, depending on level of exudation. It is normal for blood and fluids to collect under the bandage.

A second application can be used for several days, and a third application may be used if necessary. Gently clean and dry the area between applications. Do not wear any piece longer than one week.

Directions for Removal:
Gently peel the Derm Shield by pulling it slowly from the edge back over itself. Do not pull the bandage upwards.