Salvation tattoo needle cartridges - Round Shaders - Box of 20


Size: #12 (0.35mm) - 5RS

#12 (0.35mm) - 5RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 3RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 5RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 7RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 9RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 11RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 14RS
#12 (0.35mm) - 18RS

Elevate Your Tattooing Precision with Salvation Round Shader Cartridges Introducing our Salvation Round Shader Cartridges, the epitome of precision in tattooing. These cartridges are designed for artists who demand the...


Elevate Your Tattooing Precision with Salvation Round Shader Cartridges

Introducing our Salvation Round Shader Cartridges, the epitome of precision in tattooing. These cartridges are designed for artists who demand the highest level of accuracy and performance. Explore the art of creating smooth shading, gradients, and impeccable transitions that will elevate your tattoo artwork to new heights.

In the world of tattooing, achieving seamless gradients and shading is essential. With Salvation Round Shader Cartridges, you can achieve the smoothest shading and impeccable transitions with ease. These cartridges are meticulously crafted with precision in mind, featuring needles perfectly suited for shading work.

The number of needles in each cartridge plays a crucial role in defining your shading style. Our Round Shader cartridges come in various configurations, including 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 11RS, 14RS, and 18RS. This range allows you to choose the perfect cartridge for your shading needs, whether you're working on soft gradients or bold shading.

At the heart of our Salvation cartridges is cutting-edge technology. Each cartridge undergoes an advanced and automated manufacturing process to ensure consistency and perfection. Our cartridges feature a unique needle stabilization system and a full membrane for durability and peak performance. The cartridge housing is made from medical-grade plastic, designed to minimize friction between the needle and housing, while the needles themselves retain their sharpness. These features make Salvation Round Shader Cartridges incredibly precise, with focused and smooth shading, ideal for the most demanding tattooing work.

Choose Salvation Round Shader Cartridges and unlock your full potential as a tattoo artist. Whether you're creating smooth gradients, soft shading, or bold shadows, our cartridges will help you achieve more, pushing the boundaries of your artistry. Elevate your tattooing game with Salvation!

See full configurations below:

Salvation Round Shader Cartridges

3RS (Round Shader 3): Experience precision shading with our 3RS (Round Shader) cartridge. This configuration features a precise arrangement of needles for smooth shading and gradients. Elevate your tattoo shading to the next level with this precise tool.

  • Configuration: 3RS (Round Shader)
  • Perfect for smooth shading and gradients

5RS (Round Shader 5): Unleash your creativity with our 5RS (Round Shader) cartridge. Crafted for shading work, this cartridge offers impeccable transitions and shading control. It's a versatile choice for various tattoo styles.

  • Configuration: 5RS (Round Shader)
  • Versatile for different shading styles

7RS (Round Shader 7): Take control of your shading precision with our 7RS (Round Shader) cartridge. Engineered for smooth shading and gradients, this cartridge is your go-to choice for achieving impeccable transitions. Elevate your artistry with confidence.

  • Configuration: 7RS (Round Shader)
  • Smooth shading and impeccable transitions

9RS (Round Shader 9): Create bold and striking shading with our 9RS (Round Shader) cartridge. Designed for shading work, this configuration empowers you to make a statement with your art. Achieve smooth shading and impeccable gradients.

  • Configuration: 9RS (Round Shader)
  • Bold and striking shading results

11RS (Round Shader 11): For the finest shading details in your tattoo work, trust our 11RS (Round Shader) cartridge. With a precise arrangement of needles, this configuration delivers unrivaled shading precision for soft gradients and smooth transitions. Elevate your artistry to perfection.

  • Configuration: 11RS (Round Shader)
  • Unrivaled precision for shading gradients

14RS (Round Shader 14): Explore the world of tattoo shading with our 14RS (Round Shader) cartridge. Featuring a configuration designed for shading and gradients, this cartridge allows you to create smooth shading and impeccable transitions with ease. Unleash your creativity.

  • Configuration: 14RS (Round Shader)
  • Create smooth shading and impeccable gradients

18RS (Round Shader 18): When precision matters most, choose our 18RS (Round Shader) cartridge. Crafted for the most delicate and detailed shading work, this configuration is perfect

Additional Information

#12 (0.35mm) - 3RS, #12 (0.35mm) - 5RS, #12 (0.35mm) - 7RS, #12 (0.35mm) - 9RS, #12 (0.35mm) - 11RS, #12 (0.35mm) - 14RS, #12 (0.35mm) - 18RS