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Eternal Tattoo Ink -  Dark Gray Wash

Eternal Tattoo Ink - Dark Gray Wash

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Eternal Tattoo Ink – Dark Gray Wash

Eternal tattoo ink is a pre-dispersed ink manufactured in the USA.  It is a non-toxic, glycerol free, water-based, vegan tattoo ink.  You will find all the colors you could possibly imagine in the Eternal Ink Collection.

Eternal Light Gray Wash, tested by world-renowned black and gray artists, is the dark gray shade from Eternal's premade gray wash set. This listing is for a 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz bottle of Dark Gray Wash, choose the size from the drop-down menu.  


  • Pre-Dispersed Tattoo Ink
  • Eternal Tattoo Ink
  • Size Options: 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz Bottle
  • Price Per 1 Bottle
  • Color: Dark Gray Wash
  • More Color Options:  oz,2oz,4oz