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Dynarex Black Latex Gloves Powder Free

Dynarex Black Latex Gloves Powder Free

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New DYNAREX Black Arrow Powder Free Latex Tattoo Gloves.

Black Arrow Latex Exam Gloves Dynarex Black ArrowTM Latex Examination Gloves are ideal for law enforcement,correctional facilities, tattoo shops, and high-end beauty salons.

They are also a good choice for light-duty maintenance when protection is required.

  • Maximum protection, puncture resistant, durable, tactile sensitivity, and comfortable fit
  • Powder free to minimize skin irritation(2 mg residual powder per glove)
  • Textured for secure grip in wet or dry use
  • Polymer coated and ambidextrous
  • 3-5mil. range min. thickness at the fingertip & palm

Technical Specifications:

Dynarex Black ArrowTM Latex Examination Gloves are medical grade gloves that meet or exceed ASTM D3578 specifications. Protein content is 50µg/dm2 or less.

CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Do not expose this product to any person known or suspected to be latex sensitive.

Do not use in latex-free areas or on patients with spina bifida.

 Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Box of 100 pairs

Case of 5 Boxes (500 pairs)

Case of 10 Boxes (1000 pairs)