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Critical X Bishop Power Wand RCA Tattoo Machine - Shader

Critical X Bishop Power Wand RCA Tattoo Machine - Shader

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Line, pack, or shade with ease and power using the Critical X Bishop Power Wands. This is the corded version of the Power Wand, equipped with a secure and interchangeable RCA adapter. It’s the perfect choice if you’d like to stay true to the OG Wand with an RCA setup.

Enjoy a sturdy connection with the magnetic backplate, which also accommodates Bishop x Critical battery packs. Easily switch from the RCA adapter to a wireless battery pack, which sits flush on the machine and rotates 360 degrees for optimal visibility.

Take advantage of compatibility with all Critical Connect firmware including the Critical Connect Footswitch.

Tattoo comfortably with an ultra-lightweight design, weighing in at only 4.4oz when used with the Critical Connect Shorty Pack.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wand Type: Shader
  • RCA version of the Power Wand
  • Equipped with interchangeable and secure RCA adapter
  • Compatible batteries available separately here
  • Magnetic backplate lets RCA adapter + batteries sit flush on the machine
  • Also lets you rotate batteries 360 degrees for optimal visibility
  • Offers the most accurate battery life readout
  • Available as Power Wand Packer or Liner
  • Manufactured in the USA

Set Includes:
1 Power Wand RCA adapter
1 7’ RCA cord in grey
Kyrtox machine lubricant