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Balm Tattoo Premium Stencil Remover 250 ml

Balm Tattoo Premium Stencil Remover 250 ml

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Balm Tattoo 100% Vegan Stencil Solution is non toxic lotion with pure aloe vera. Formulated to transfer your stencil directly to the skin with cleaner, sharper and longer lasting results.

  • Stop rubbing – Get working! Gentle but very effective formula will melt and remove that misplaced stencil in no time. With pure Aloe Vera and Tea tree oil. Why would you rub if you can just spray it, wait and wipe with no effort and no skin irritations with Balm Tattoo's Stencil Remover? 

    • 100% Effective because developed by Tattoo Artists
    • Vegan, Dermatologically Tested on Humans