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Balm Tattoo Dragon's Blood Foam 200 ml

Balm Tattoo Dragon's Blood Foam 200 ml

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Tattoo balm 100% Vegan, without petroleum, developed by and for professional tattoo. Less swelling, less bleeding, less redness. See more and tattoo for longer. Our process butter with Dragon’s Blood extract will not remove your stencil but will relieve pain and soothe irritated skin, so your clients will thank you. Special, 100% natural, vegan formula in big 250g container.

Doesn’t contain: Parabens, propylene glycol, silicones, ethanolamins, dyes, phthalates, mineral oils, or any ingredient of animal origin.

Contains: Pure Shea Butter and Mango, Aloe Vera, Rosemary oil, Coconut oil, Rice bran oil and Extract organic origin “Sangre de Drago” (ECOCERT certified).

mooth textured foam enriched with Dragon’s Blood extract, allantoin and aloe vera significantly improves the discomfort associated with wiping a fresh tattoo. Reduces bleeding, swelling and redness. Significantly improves the comfort of work, so you can focus on pushing that ink in. 

  • Makes your job easier 
  • Reduces redness, swelling and bleeding 
  • Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal 
  • Allows you to work longer without overworking the skin 
  • Available in 200mL

Works best combined with our Dragon’s Blood Process Butter.

100% Natural with no animal ingredients.