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Mom's Nuclear UV  Ink 9 Colors set

Mom's Nuclear UV Ink 9 Colors set

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Mom's Nuclear Ultra Violet UV 9 Color Set

Mom’s colors are pure, uncut, homogenized pigment dispersion. 

They consist of the highest possible pigment content, giving you brighter colors that fly right in the skin with an amazing flow rate.  

This set includes nine black-light sensitive inks available from the Nuclear Color Line, which is the brightest, most UV reactive line available on the market today.  100% safe!  

All ingredients are non-toxic and non-hazardous!  Great for highlighting!  All of the inks from this line can be used in conjunction with standard inks or alone to help you create the ultimate statement in body art

The invisible blacklight ink is the only blacklight pigment that does not show up in regular or natural light. The following colors show up in regular, natural light and blacklight light:

1 : Blacklight Afterglow Yellow
2 : Blacklight Smoldering Orange
3 : Blacklight Red Dawn
4 : Blacklight Raging Magenta
5 : Blacklight Purple Haze
6 : Blacklight Blue Smoke
7 : Blacklight Atomic Green

8 : Blacklight Radiant Pink

9 : Blacklight Invisible Fallout


The set includes the 9 folowing colors:

Blacklight Invisible, Afterglow Yellow, Smoldering Orange, Red Dawn, Raging Magenta, Purple Haze, Blue Smoke,  Atomic Green, Radiant Pink.

Available In 9 Bottles of 0.5 or 1 oz UV Ink