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Memory Foam Tattoo Grip Covers Red/Black

Memory Foam Tattoo Grip Covers Red/Black

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Tattoo Grip Cover -  Memory Foam Tattoo Grip Covers 22mm

 Machine Grip Handle Holder Cover for Any Stainless Steel & Disposable 1' Tattoo Tube Grips

 Material: Sponge Color: Black, Red

Size: 22mm/ 0.86in  

♦Help to prevent handle slip and create perfect tattoo artwork.

♦Great to use as Comfortable Cushion, Reduce Vibration. Made with Light weight Memory Foam.

♦Works with any stainless steel or disposable 1' tattoo tube grip.

♦Tattoo grip cover protects the tattoo master's wrist and reduce fatigue and pain during long hours of work.

♦Disposable, clean and sanitary safety. An essential addition to your tattoo studio.