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FK Irons Hover Touchless Tattoo Power Supply

FK Irons Hover Touchless Tattoo Power Supply

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Hover Magnetic Based Tattoo Power Supply with Touchless Interface by FK Irons — Two USB Ports and Bluetooth Compatible

Level up on tattooing convenience and efficiency with the revolutionary Hover Tattoo Power Supply.

Enjoy a touchless interface. Easily turn the supply on and off with a wave of your hand. Then, adjust the voltage with a touchless air swipe gesture or access the main menu with a two finger gesture. An easy-to-read display screen rotates 180 degrees and offers various modes that can show your voltage, speed, tattoo session time, and machine runtime.

You can also take advantage of the Hover’s handy setup features. Easily switch between two machines using the dual machine inputs; hook up and charge your smart devices or Darklab battery packs with USB-A and USB-C ports; and take advantage of Bluetooth compatibility to pair with the upcoming Darklab mobile app for special features and firmware updates. Plus, the Hover’s mounted magnetic base allows for sturdiness while tattooing.

Use the Hover with rotary machines, coil machines, and a foot pedal if desired. The Hover Touchless Power Supply comes in sleek black packaging and comes with an instructional pamphlet for easy use. Check out the Hover today to make setting(more...)