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Dipcap Sterile Foam Insert - Box of 24 Caps

Dipcap Sterile Foam Insert - Box of 24 Caps

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One Box of 24 DIPCAP — Eco-Friendly, Hypo-Allergenic, Sterile Foam Insert to Fight Cross-Contamination — Redesigned by Bishop Tattoo Supply

Rinse, dip, and keep your tattoo needles clean with DIPCAP. Originally created by tattoo artist Joe Moya, then redesigned and perfected by Bishop Tattoo Supply, these innovative cups work to prevent cross-contamination during tattoo procedures.

Each DIPCAP comes with a proprietary, eco-friendly foam insert that operates as a sponge. This foam insert is hypo-allergenic, sterilized, and safe to use. Simply dampen the DIPCAP foam with a small amount of water (approximately 10 to 15 drops), rinse your tattoo needle with sterile water, then gently wipe your needle on the foam insert. DIPCAP eliminates the hassle of using paper cloth to sterilize your needles. They can also be used to dilute or blend ink during color or black and grey procedures for a more varied pallet.


  • Works to prevent cross-contamination
  • Hypo-allergenic, sterile, eco-friendly foam insert
  • Only to be used with up to 1/8oz of water (~15 drops); do not soak insert with water
  • Ideal for diluting and blending ink
  • Suitable for color or black & grey procedures
  • Invented by Joe Moya and redesigned by Bishop Tattoo Supply
  • Price per one box of 24