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Spektra Xion Rotary Tattoo Machine by FK Irons - Gorilla GOLD

Spektra Xion Rotary Tattoo Machine by FK Irons - Gorilla GOLD

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FK Irons Spektra Xion Rotary Tattoo Machine in Stealth with Gorilla Grip

Realize your creative vision with full control using innovator FK Irons’ most versatile pen-style machine. Now a favorite among tattoo artists worldwide, this machine was manufactured over three years of research and meticulous design. Try your hand and needles at this one-of-a kind pen today and enjoy the benefits of the seamless 40mm gorilla grip.

With the 40mm Gorilla Grip, the Xion has excellent needle penetration when using liners or magnums. The grooved pattern on this wide grip is also ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

The Spektra Xion is the first pen-style machine to employ a ratcheting system for needle depth adjustment. Simply turn the unique GiveKnob dial and enjoy convenient adjustment from soft to hard settings. The Spektra Xion also has interchangeable 3.7mm and 3.2mm stroke wheels, making it adjustable across all parameters for different styles of tattooing.

Upgraded from the standard Maxon motors used in most FK Irons machines, the Spektra Xion employs a specially designed 6W MotorBolt System for maximum torque.


  • Color: Gold
  • Net Weight: 6.56oz
  • Ergonomic, lightweight pen-style machine
  • Ratchet system locks needle depth settings
  • 3.7mm and 3.2mm adjustable stroke length
  • “One-turn” GiveKnob dial for convenient adjustment of give and needle tension
  • Specially designed 6W MotorBolt system for maximum torque
  • Machine body and MotorBolt can be externally wiped and cleaned with cold sanitation products
  • Operable up to 9.5 volts; not recommended to operate at higher voltage
  • Features a seamless telescopic 40mm grip; autoclavable with stabilizer O-ring
  • Autoclave at temperatures under 270° Fahrenheit or 132.222° Celsius
  • Use with Gorilla Xion Disposable Tattoo Grips or the Gorilla Xion 40mm Grip
  • Compatible with all needle types
  • Compatible with most tattoo power supplies