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Bloodline Tattoo Ink All Purpose White

Bloodline Tattoo Ink All Purpose White

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Bloodline Tattoo Ink

Color: All Purpose White

Bloodline All Purpose White Tattoo Ink is a quick blend of great quality tattoo ink suitable for any skin type and tattoo design.

Available in 0.5 and 1 ounce, this tattoo ink bottle of the best selling  Bloodline ink color! All Bloodline Tattoo Ink is pre-dispersed base providing easy entry and even distribution into the skin.



  • SINGLE BOTTLE OF TATTOO INK: Organic pigment.  
  • HIGH QUALITY COLORS: All Purpose White.
  • STERILIZED & SEALED: Bright & Vibrant Long Lasting Tattooing Inks.
  • Bloodline Tattoo inks are proudly made in The USA.


Bottles Size: 1/2 or 1oz