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Aluminum Cartridge Grip 1.25 Inch (32 mm) Adjustable

Aluminum Cartridge Grip 1.25 Inch (32 mm) Adjustable

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Aluminum Cartridge Grips Adjustable 1.25 Inch (32mm)

These cartridge grips are textured for added control during tattoo sessions.

The lightweight and ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and allows you to work comfortably for longer.

 The Inovative Aluminum Cartridge grips are the new age product popular by all tattoo artists. Sizing at 32mm and embroidered with a non slip surface design, this cartridge grip is comfortable and light weight to fit your grip needs

 This Grips are Compatible to fit Cheyenne and Universal cartridges


Include Plunger bars

Textured grip for comfort and control Lightweight, ergonomic

  Available  1'25 (32mm) grip Size  Black or Red