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1" Grips Salvation Tattoo Disposable Tubes 25MM -Box of 50 pcs

1" Grips Salvation Tattoo Disposable Tubes 25MM -Box of 50 pcs

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Salvation - Disposable & Sterilized Tattoo Tubes 1" Grip 25mm Box of 50 Pcs


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50 per box, Infinity tattoo disposable tubes with their silicone made grip, feature a semi-tinted transparent tip made with medical grade plastic to allow a better ink flow during the tattooing session. Those grips are built to avoid excessive needle movements inside the tube. Those professional barrels are sterilized and marked with the expiration date to ensure a safe procedure. Since 2009, "Salvation" offer superior quality tattoo supplies and equipment to help artists achieve optimal results. 


- Salvation tubes with 1" grip

- High quality soft black silicone grip for maximum comfort

- Sterilized and ready to use for your convenience and safety

- Fit all standard tattoo machine vices and needles

- Each grip is blister pack sealed with an EO Gas Indicator

- Semi tinted plastic tips for a better ink flow and control. 


Additional Information: For single use only. Do not use if packaging has been previously opened or damaged. Do not use if tube is damaged. Keep in cool, dry place, away from moisture and heat. Keep out of reach of children.